• General Information

    1. Ensure you check-in when your arrive for the day of the event.
    2. Once checked-in, you will receive your Next Chapter Showcase shirt. Ensure you wear this shirt during the event so we know who is who.
    3. Games will begin at the Top and Bottom of every hour (example 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30 etc.)
    4. Players will be able to film their own content during the showcase but Next Chapter Staff have priority of filming location.
    • If you plan on filming, no camera equipment or content videographers can be on the court during the game
  • Rules

    1. 20 Minute Running Clock
    2. 2s and 3s
    3. Free throws are 1 
    4. 4 dribble max
    5. Free Throws are not live ball. If the player misses the final free throw they turn the ball over. 
    6. Back to back fouls without change of possession is freethrow. 
    7. Every change of possession must be cleared
    8. Foul in the act of shooting is worth 1 Freethrow. If made player retain the ball. If missed it's a turnover
    9. Flagrant foul results in 2 free throws and the ball
    10. Player who receives 2 flagrant fouls is ejected from the game and can no longer participate in the remaining games that day.
    11. Each player has (1) 60 second timeout
    12. Injury timeouts will be charged if a player is hurt
    13. Turn Overs-If a player on defense touches the ball and the offensive player doesn't get a shot off and the ball hits the ground it's a turnover
    14. 5 minute warmup
    • Unless currently playing on another court; if a player isn't present at the time of the start of the game +2 minute they forfeit the game
    • Player who gets the automatic will be rescheduled to ensure they receive their (2) games to showcase talent
  • Terms and Conditions

    • Any physical violence by any player is automatic elimination from the current event and no longer able to register in any future events.
    • Players can enter into multiple cities, they do not need to live in the city that is hosting the showcase
    • If you register you must be available the day of the event. Please ensure you allow at least 48 hour notice of the inability to attend.
    • If you are selected to represent the city, please ensure you are available